Slightly challenging film list

This is a list of not particularly mainstream movies I've watched and enjoyed up to a point.

Slightly confusing but at least it makes you think a bit. Slow to start but then you've got to run to keep up.

Great performances all round, looks great and has excellent soundtrack but not a feelgood hit of the summer it's got to be said.

George Clooney in space going slightly nuts and popping his missus into the airlock is a bit messed up.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal are really good in this, can't say I fully got the ending tbh. Waiting for someone else to see it to discuss the spectacular giraffe ending.

Love it, this is my go-to movie when the wife is not around on a weekend, usually with beers involved

Upstream Color
Another movie from Shane Carruth who's having a competition with himself for most baffling film, and winning.

Slightly challenging film list
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